This is a difficult question to answer clearly because it depends on the condition of the asbestos cement in question. If it is, say, an asbestos cement fence in good clean unbroken condition that is away from regular foot traffic then the current consensus of opinion seems to be “yes”. However if the same fence is damaged, broken up, falling over / unstable, in poor condition and in a high foot traffic area then I would suggest to err on the side of safety and say “no”.

The bottom line is that if the asbestos cement product is in good, unweathered condition and in a place where people are not likely to come into contact with it then it should be ok to leave it in place. We always recommend regularly assessing the condition of asbestos cement to make sure if there are any changes and action can be taken if necessary.

The fact is asbestos cement can be a danger to anyone coming into contact with it in the wrong circumstances or conditions. This is why we always say that if for nothing other than your own piece of mind if you can afford to get rid of it then why not do that and not have to worry about asbestos containing materials in your home.