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Asbestos Collection and Disposal Adelaide

Need Asbestos Pick Up and Disposal Adelaide?  South Adelaide Asbestos Removal can arrange asbestos pick up, transport and disposal across the Adelaide and outer metropolitan areas, no job to small!


This can be required if you have just bought a house and found asbestos cement in or behind a shed left from the previous owner’s renovations. It can also occur if other trades remove smaller amounts of asbestos during their works. Or you may have chosen to remove asbestos cement from your own DIY renovation project.


We can take the risk and hassle out of collection and transport of asbestos waste for you, safely, legally and in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations. Whatever your asbestos pick up and disposal needs are, call us or fill out the contact form above for a Free Quote today from the asbestos removal specialists.

So How Do You Pick-Up  & Dispose Of Asbestos?

We provide a legal asbestos waste collection and disposal service. We are licensed by the Environment Protection Authority of South Australia (under our license 2973) to transport asbestos cement which is a category A listed waste.

We arrange to attend the site (be it your home or building project), prepare the asbestos cement, load it, wrap and seal it ready for transport to an approved listed waste handling facility. We can clean up the area in direct vicinity to where the asbestos cement was to make sure you and your family are not subjected to any further risk.

We can provide (when required) evidence from the EPA’s Waste Tracker system that the asbestos cement reached an approved dumping facility, for your “peace of mind” that the asbestos waste arrived at the correct destination and was not dumped illegally.

Asbestos Collection - General Asbestos Waste Around The Home
Suits And Breathing Apparatus Protect Asbestos Removal Workers

Got Asbestos On Your Property?

So if you have asbestos cement on your property, call us for a free quote today. In most cases we can have your asbestos problem solved quickly and efficiently and most importantly at a price you’ll be happy with!

Asbestos Corrugated Roofing Sheets - Collection Disposal
Asbestos Fencing Panels - Collection Disposal

Didn’t realise asbestos cement is so common in our homes? It’s a common reaction! This is why it is so important to get it checked or tested FIRST. Protect yourself, your family and your property and call South Adelaide Asbestos Removal today for asbestos testing and  solutions to asbestos in your home or business.

Examples of Asbestos Containing Materials We Have Recently Collected From Around Adelaide & Disposed Of

Thoroughly professional service from point of first contact to the certificates and follow up at the completion of the job. Excellent customer service at all stages of the work. Inside of house and surrounding areas spotless when we returned home. Jane and Neil have no hesitation in recommending South Adelaide Asbestos Removal.

Neils & Jane

Question: Where would I find asbestos on my property?


Asbestos cement products are often found lying around (and sometimes behind) sheds. This is a particularly common find when people take possession of a new house and the old owner has left it there for someone else to deal with! Asbestos cement can sometimes be left on site after tradesman remove it with out realising it was asbestos.

Question: My tradie left asbestos eaves on site after replacing some damaged timber bargeboards, what should I do?


Asbestos removal and transport should only be carried out by professionals with the correct licenses, call us and we’ll clean it up and dispose of it correctly for you.

Question: My plumber told me it wasn‘t asbestos but I’m really not sure, how do I know?


Any cement based sheet from a house built before 1993 should be treated as asbestos without a test to say otherwise. When in doubt always assume the materials are asbestos containing and treat them as such. If you want a definite answer – have the material in question tested.

Question: Can I take it away myself?


In some cases it may be legal to transport asbestos without a license, however it is not recommended at all! Asbestos should be handled and transported by professionals to avoid the chance of contaminating yourself and your vehicle.

Question: Is asbestos pick up and transportation expensive?


Most of our customers are surprised by how cost effective our pick up and disposal services are, particularly when considered against the risk of mishandling and contamination when dealing with asbestos products.

Asbestos Collection and Disposal Questions and Answers

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  • SA Builders License RL115833
  • Safework SA Asbestos Removal License 72995
  • EPA Transport license 2973