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Asbestos Fence Removal Adelaide

Need Asbestos Fence Removal Adelaide? Surprisingly, a lot of Adelaide houses were bordered with an asbestos fence. Asbestos fence sheets were very popular in coastal cities like Adelaide due to their strength and resilience to salt and harsh weather. Other coastal regions such as Semaphore, Hallet Cove, Aldinga, Victor Harbour and Port Elliot also have a lot of asbestos fencing installations. If the asbestos cement fence has cracked or deteriorated or has been damaged in any way then asbestos fence removal is highly recommended, by far the safest option is to call a professional, licensed asbestos removal company like South Adelaide Asbestos Removal.

South Adelaide Asbestos Removal will carefully complete the asbestos fence removal and clean the immediate removal site. We then transport and handle the asbestos disposal of all contaminated materials to an EPA approved dumping location. Call us today or fill out the contact form above to receive a free written asbestos removal quote.


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Asbestos Cement fences become brittle and weathered as they get older, often cracking and breaking in places.

If a fence is made of asbestos it is dangerous to simply break it and pull it apart. There is also the issue of dumping the fence panels in an appropriate, and legal fashion.

Get Rid of the Risk

Asbestos cement fencing is extremely common in South Australia, particularly in coastal areas.  Fences can have a post and rail fitment but some are also buried up to 800mm in the ground.  Fencing is a hazard because it is easy to come into contact with it.  Kids climbing and playing on it, people brushing up against it whilst gardening or mowing the lawn… all these actions can potentially expose yourself or loved ones to asbestos fibres.

Best protection? Get rid of the risk completely.

Old Asbestos Cement Fence
Asbestos Cement Fence Panels Weathered And Worn

Careful Removal of Asbestos Fencing

When we remove asbestos fences we take all care possible to remove the fence sheets intact. We employ the Wet Method of removal in accordance with the Code of Practice for How to Remove Asbestos Safely.

Surrounding soil is carefully checked for asbestos cement as is surrounding garden beds.  Finally site inspection and clearance certificate is undertaken by independent contractors for your piece of mind.

Get your fence removed by qualified and licensed professionals, call South Adelaide Asbestos Removal today.

How Do you Remove An Asbestos Fence?

Don’t attempt to remove an asbestos fence yourself.

You call a professional asbestos fence removal company, like South Adelaide Asbestos Removal..

Corrugated Asbestos Fence Needs Removing Due To Damage

Things to be aware of:

  • Asbestos fence panels will deteriorate over time
  • Moss and lichen contribute to the breakdown of the material
  • Broken and cracked asbestos panels can release asbestos fibres
  • Breaking apart asbestos containing fence panels is hazardous to your health.
  • The older an asbestos fence is the more potential there is for asbestos dust to be present.
  • Handling asbestos fencing without taking the proper precautions is hazardous.

We Minimise The Danger Of Asbestos

Our qualified, experienced team, carefully dismantle fencing to minimize the release of asbestos dust and particles.

We take steps in our asbestos removal process to ensure the safety of you and your family, your neighbours and of course our own team.

Jarrett and his team are friendly, reliable and very efficient. This family business is great and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing their service.

Judi DePamphilis

Asbestos Fence Removal Questions and Answers

Question: Is my fence asbestos?


Deep Six Asbestos Fencing was very common in Adelaide.  The later introduced Super Six Asbestos Free sheets were not high quality and were very fragile and so were not used in asbestos fences, although we have seen them used to patch or repair damaged asbestos cement fencing.

Question: Is my asbestos fence safe?


Asbestos sheets do weather and slowly begin to break down with age. When this occurs they can crack and potentially expose asbestos to the surroundings, if people or children brush against these exposed areas it is possible to come into contact with asbestos fibres.  Unless the fence is in great condition and painted it is recommended to remove and replace asbestos fences.

Question: Were their different installation methods for asbestos fencing?


Yes there were three main installation methods. Firstly the standard post and rail type, where timber posts and cross rails were fixed and the asbestos cement sheets were screwed to the framing. Second was post and capping, the posts are often galvanised steel with either asbestos cement or galvanised channels top and bottom with the sheets between the caps, these fences heavily rely on the stability of the posts, if the posts become loose these fences are particularly dangerous and can easily fall over in high winds etc.  Lastly there was the buried method, this involved digging an 800mm deep trench, dropping in the sheets, bolting them together and back filling and compacting the soil.  These are difficult to remove as they must be dug out using a mini excavator, this in itself is not the problem, access to rear fencing usually is due to low carports/veranda’s etc.

Question: Is a broken asbestos fence dangerous?


Asbestos fencing in some installations relies on the integrity of each sheet for stability.  As well as potentially exposing asbestos fibres cracked sheets can cause weak points in the strength of the fence and eventual failure. This can show up unexpectedly in high winds and storms, causing the fence to collapse.

Question: Is there a replacement sheet available?


Not in the same thickness or strength.  There is a tin sheet designed to act as a replacement but they look very different and are quite flexible.  They may be suitable for short term repairs but removal of a damaged fence is inevitable from s safety standpoint.

Question: How do I get my asbestos fence removed?


Call South Adelaide Asbestos Removal!  We can handle the entire removal process for you in a prompt, professional and safe manner.

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