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Asbestos Bathroom Removal Adelaide

Need Asbestos Bathroom Removal Adelaide?  You may be surprised to know that the bathroom is the second most common place to find asbestos cement in the home (right behind your Eave linings). Bathrooms in Adelaide may contain asbestos walls, asbestos ceilings or asbestos floors (particularly in houses with timber floor boards or where the bathroom is on the second storey).

Asbestos Bathroom Removal should only be carried out by trained asbestos removalists with the correct equipment, licenses, insurance and most importantly years of experience.

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Most Frequent Occurance Of Asbestos Exposure


The bathroom is also the room where most “do it yourself” renovators expose themselves to asbestos, because most people don’t get their walls tested or inspected by a qualified company like South Adelaide Asbestos Removal before starting home renovations.

How To Do A quick Check

An easy way to check if the walls are likely to be asbestos cement is to carefully pop out a power point or ceiling fan…if the material is a grey cement like sheeting then its likely to contain asbestos if your house was built prior to 1993.

Don’t risk your Health

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Asbestos Removal Safety Equipment
Suits And Breathing Apparatus Protect Asbestos Removal Workers

Asbestos Sheeting In Bathroom Flooring?

Asbestos cement sheeting up to 25mm thick was also used in flooring as a base for floor tiles in timber floored houses. This can often be seen as there is a noticeable step from the floor in the hallway to the floor in the bathroom. If you find something that looks like cement sheeting in the floor of you bathroom, Don’t risk it – call South Adelaide Asbestos Removal today to discuss your options.

Asbestos Bathroom Cladding Removal



Didn’t realise asbestos cement is so common in our homes? It’s a common reaction! This is why it is so important to get it checked or tested FIRST. Protect yourself, your family and your property and call South Adelaide Asbestos Removal today for solutions to asbestos in your home or business.

South Adelaide Asbestos Removal take care of the entire process for you!

We prepare all the necessary applications and lodge them with Safe Work SA.

We notify your neighbours of the day and time that the work is to be done.

We make sure that all preparations are made to make the job go smoothly and safely, not just during the removal process but also for the safe transport and disposal of the asbestos waste.

I like hard working family owned businesses that do their very best to listen and do as the client has asked with a smile

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Asbestos in the Bathroom Questions and Answers

Question: Was asbestos used in bathrooms?


Yes it was! Asbestos was used in the vast majority of houses built before 1993.

Question: Was asbestos used in bathroom wall cladding?


Asbestos cement wall cladding is the most commonly used type of asbestos containing product in bathrooms.

Question: Was asbestos sheeting used in bathrooms floors?


Asbestos “thick sheet” was often used in areas where suspended timber floors are present.  The asbestos floor sheet was screwed down to the floor joists, often with a layer of cement and tile adhesive above it.

Question: Do I need to remove the flooring if I’m re-tiling the floors?


Not necessarily. If the drainage points are not being moved then tiles can usually be carefully removed without disturbing the asbestos below.  As long as there is a barrier layer of cement above the asbestos thick sheet often tilers can re-tile floors leaving the thick sheet in place. Check with your tiler for confirmation.

Question: Does my bathroom ceiling contain asbestos?


Asbestos ceilings are far less common than wall and floor cladding, although they do pop up from time to time.

Question: How do I tell if there is asbestos or not?


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  • SA Builders License RL115833
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  • EPA Transport license 2973